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A Social Media Crisis Content Strategy ⚠

I'd like to share my tips for a Social Media 'Crisis' Content Strategy, because having a background in PR and crisis communications has really stood to me, and has enabled me to be resilient and able to quickly adapt to change when managing a brand's social media channels. Social media is not to be underestimated by any company or organisation as it is at the heart of how we communicate today and it vital that is used effectively. The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has put all previously created strategies out the window and it's time to act fast and connect with audiences in a more human way than ever before. Turn off your running ads You can't hard sell during a crisis, you shouldn't hard sell on organic social media anyway, or at least don't constantly do it. Paid social media is different, but still, pounding people to buy stuff, especially when they cannot go outside the door and may have lost their jobs, is not a good use of ad spend and is just going to annoy people and encourage trolling. Unless your ads are 100% relevant to the situation it is best to turn them off. What could your brand be berated for? In the case of Covid 19....are your stores still open? are your staff and customers safe? doing you need extra customer care staff to deal with cancellations or extra orders? if staff are temporarily laid off what support are they being given? Your online audience will let you know! So knowing your brand's weaknesses are essential to preparing to overcome any potential longer term brand reputation damage. What is your brand doing to help? I highly recommend that brands, large and small, show that they care, and to portray it in the most selfless way possible, and not in the usual 'this is our CSR programme' way. In the case of Covid 19, if you decide to help healthcare workers, which would be great, go handy on the cringy photos and product placements, make it about them, and their stories, and the stories of those that they help. What content are you going to put on your social media channels? After a few days have passed I recommend saying something on there. Otherwise it shows your online audiences that you just want to sell stuff to them and that's it. So here's what I recommend, based on the 4 key goals of content marketing, with examples for the Covid 19 pandemic crisis: Educate: help to educate the public on what to do during the crisis, portray it in interesting ways, infographics Entertain: people are stressed and worried and need distraction, share funny videos, activities, games Engage: people are fed up at home, create polls and quizzes to engage with them Inspire: inspire them to help others, achieve goals and so on, with story telling captioned images and videos How do you make up for loss of sales via social media before end of year? You won't be able to make up for a large chunk of time, where no ads were running and consumer sentiment was extremely low, but you should put serious efforts into your Halloween and Christmas campaigns, all going well. Plan for it now, while you have the time. Hope these tips for a Social Media Crisis Content Strategy have helped. Stay safe!

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Bringing the magic of Christmas to Christmas FM's listeners through multiple digital and social channels.   Instagram   Instagram Stories / Snapchat / Pinterest


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Byte: the secret to performing well 🤫

Byte, the relaunch of Vine, is here! They've brought back 6-second looping videos that their community loved. The company, Byte Inc., describes nostalgia is their starting point, but where they go next will be up to the community. They describe Byte as celebrating life, community, and pure creativity. After downloading the app the day it was launched, here is the verdict for Byte so far... The secret to performing well on Byte   How does it compare to TikTok? Sharing It is easier to share your content on other platforms on TikTok. Am sure this will be a feature much improved at a later stage on Byte. Following Your overall stats on Byte are hidden, so finally there is a platform that doesn't place an importance on follower count. No Trending Content Types There are no trending content types that I can see on Byte (yet), like with the trending dances and songs on TikTok. While I did say in my post about TikTok that it's great that platform gives you content ideas, it is also very refreshing to not feel pressured into having to do the latest trending dance. No Hashtags Yip, true story! No more spending ages doing your hashtag research, then spending longer typing them and if they're stories hiding them in your post - just post to the category and away you go! No Music It is eerily quiet over on Byte, so the music is missed, but that doesn't mean that all videos must have music. There are many videos on TikTok that do not have music in them.   Follow Me on Byte:  lorrainelarkin

Dunnes Stores

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Delivering corporate and consumer PR campaigns to further enhance the brand of leading retailer Dunnes Stores.   World Italian Cuisine Week   Details: Dunnes Stores Simply Better event to celebrate Italian cuisine, in association with the Italian Cultural Institute, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dublin, Dunnes brand ambassador chef Neven Maguire and the Culinary Institute of Assisi. Media Coverage: Food & Wine Magazine The Doll's Complaints Details: The Doll’s Complaints By Keeva Delaney Book Signings with Miriam O'Callaghan and Joe Schmidt in Dunnes Stores in Dublin and Limerick. All proceeds from the sale go directly to Cliona’s Foundation, a charity that provides support to families of children with a life-limiting condition. Media Coverage: Breakingnews.ie New Store Opening Blackrock   Details: The opening of Dunnes Stores in the former Playwright pub on Blackrock’s Newtownpark Avenue. This store has curated range of leading food brands including Sheridans Cheesemongers, Baxter and Greene Deli, Dunnes’ own Simply Better Collection and a dedicated fishmongers. Media Coverage: Dublin Gazette Christmas Taste Tests   Details: Christmas Taste Tests featuring Dunnes Stores Simply Better products in numerous publications. Media Coverage: Food & Wine Magazine The Irish Times        

How the TikTok Algorithm works

Want to know how the TikTok algorithm works? Well now you can! I decided to write a blog post and create an infographic version of a TikTok algorithm video by Michael Khieu, a Montreal based street-wear brand owner, author and digital marketer. Follow him on Instagram @king_khieu and buy his stuff @onitheworkshop. Although some say that it is inaccurate, from what I know of what shows on feeds across other social media platforms, if you keep these aspects that he mentions in mind, you really won't go far wrong. In his video he takes the audience through his visual representation (recreated below) step-by-step. He starts by saying that if you understand the back end environment your chances of going viral will be very good. "At the top we have the cetralised TikTok algorithm, the cloud that overseas all activity on the platform. The little squares over here are the users content." "Now, here is what happens when you post a video: Your video will get a boost to a certain amount of people and then a first evaluation will take place. Here's what the evaluation is going to look like: TikTok will carefully observe how people interact with your piece of content. The key metrics identified each have a separate weight. Certain metrics have a higher value than others, so the re-watch rate has 6 points, completion rate 5 points, shares 3 points, 2 points for comments and 1 point for like. Likes don't really mean that much because of click farms. It will compile all the points and give your piece of content a 'goodness' score. When content has more points for the threshold for Eval 1 it gets boosted up to more people. To Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and so forth and then at God Tier it goes super viral."