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Lorraine Larkin Portfolio Applegreen

Advertising Analytics B2B B2C Brand BTL Campaigns Content Corporate Creative FMCG Management Paid Social Retail SEO Social Media Strategy TTL Website

Leading the way in digital and social for Applegreen, a convenience food and beverage retailer and operator of petrol forecourts and motorway service areas with a major presence in Ireland, the UK and US.    

TikTok for your Brand? 🎵 All you need to know…

Thinking of using TikTok for your Brand? 🎵 Here's all you need to know... TikTok is a channel that I often get private messages about on LinkedIn, so I thought I'd put together this post. I had an early interest in TikTok (formerly Musical.ly - acquired by ByteDance in 2017), not just from a social media marketing perspective, but because the former karaoke queen in me loved the idea for this format idea. One of the challenges that other video-led social media formats face is that users have to constantly think of 'something to post', and the effort of it is just too much for some, whereas on TikTok, there are challenges that users can partake in, which effectively spoonfeeds their audience ideas for content creation. These challenges also create a competitive element amongst other users, making it even more alluring. Like Snapchat, this channel has a very young demographic, however, it is also a channel for everyone, and from what I have seen it is overall a very postive and supportive place. So taking all that and the digital marketing mix into consideration, let's gets started... Owned Earned  

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Social Media Award


Advertising Analytics B2C Brand BTL Campaigns Content Creative E-Commerce Management Paid Social Retail Social Media Strategy

Strategically managing the social media that drove sales on e-commerce gifting website Gifts.ie.    

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Lorraine Larkin Portfolio Christmas FM

Digital Media Award

“I found her extremely passionate, hard working and detail orientated”


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