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TikTok for your Brand? 🎵 All you need to know…

Thinking of using TikTok for your Brand? 🎵 Here's all you need to know... TikTok is a channel that I often get private messages about on LinkedIn, so I thought I'd put together this post. I had an early interest in TikTok (formerly Musical.ly - acquired by ByteDance in 2017), not just from a social media marketing perspective, but because the former karaoke queen in me loved the idea for this format idea. One of the challenges that other video-led social media formats face is that users have to constantly think of 'something to post', and the effort of it is just too much for some, whereas on TikTok, there are challenges that users can partake in, which effectively spoonfeeds their audience ideas for content creation. These challenges also create a competitive element amongst other users, making it even more alluring. Like Snapchat, this channel has a very young demographic, however, it is also a channel for everyone, and from what I have seen it is overall a very postive and supportive place. So taking all that and the digital marketing mix into consideration, let's gets started... Owned Earned  

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How the TikTok Algorithm works

Want to know how the TikTok algorithm works? Well now you can! I decided to write a blog post and create an infographic version of a TikTok algorithm video by Michael Khieu, a Montreal based street-wear brand owner, author and digital marketer. Follow him on Instagram @king_khieu and buy his stuff @onitheworkshop. Although some say that it is inaccurate, from what I know of what shows on feeds across other social media platforms, if you keep these aspects that he mentions in mind, you really won't go far wrong. In his video he takes the audience through his visual representation (recreated below) step-by-step. He starts by saying that if you understand the back end environment your chances of going viral will be very good. "At the top we have the cetralised TikTok algorithm, the cloud that overseas all activity on the platform. The little squares over here are the users content." "Now, here is what happens when you post a video: Your video will get a boost to a certain amount of people and then a first evaluation will take place. Here's what the evaluation is going to look like: TikTok will carefully observe how people interact with your piece of content. The key metrics identified each have a separate weight. Certain metrics have a higher value than others, so the re-watch rate has 6 points, completion rate 5 points, shares 3 points, 2 points for comments and 1 point for like. Likes don't really mean that much because of click farms. It will compile all the points and give your piece of content a 'goodness' score. When content has more points for the threshold for Eval 1 it gets boosted up to more people. To Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and so forth and then at God Tier it goes super viral."

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Founder and editor of fashion/beauty/lifestyle digital publication Stylesheet and and producer of Stylecast podcast. Stylesheet Stylesheet.ie, formerly The Devil Wears Pennies/Penneys, started in 2011. Details: ▪️ Created a digital media brand and developed a customer focused brand strategy ▪️ Designed and optimised the website and designed on logo ▪️ Developed and implemented and amended a digital marketing strategy (social, audio and web content) ▪️ Research, identify, and deliver articles, programmes and posts in keeping in view audience taste and needs, and plan editorial calendar for online publishing ▪️ Manage the contributors, ensuring content is in accordance to the brand's editorial vision Source imagery for content, including taking original photographs ▪️ Create social media content: graphics, videos, live broadcasts ▪️ Monitor content performance using analytics, make amendments to content style where necessary ▪️ Developed good working relationships with large consumer brands and PR agencies   Stylecast Stylecast by Stylesheet.ie started in 2019. A fun style podcast! Instagram-focused and co-hosted by hair artist extraordinaire Karl, aka Karol Jakubowski. Details: ▪️ Created a digital audio content strategy ▪️ Researched and prepared content for recordings ▪️ Recorded, edited, hosted the recorded podcasts, and listed on the below directories ▪️ Marketed the recordings and organised a press launch to increase brand awareness