Stylesheet & Stylecast

Founder and editor of fashion/beauty/lifestyle digital publication Stylesheet and producer of Stylecast podcast.

Client: Date: 2011 - Services: digital, content, social, podcasting

Stylesheet, formerly The Devil Wears Pennies/Penneys, started in 2011.


▪️ Created a digital media brand and developed a customer focused brand strategy

▪️ Designed and optimised the website and designed on logo

▪️ Developed and implemented and amended a digital marketing strategy (social, audio and web content)

▪️ Research, identify, and deliver articles, programmes and posts in keeping in view audience taste and needs, and plan editorial calendar for online publishing

▪️ Manage the contributors, ensuring content is in accordance to the brand’s editorial vision

Source imagery for content, including taking original photographs

▪️ Create social media content: graphics, videos, live broadcasts

▪️ Monitor content performance using analytics, make amendments to content style where necessary

▪️ Developed good working relationships with large consumer brands and PR agencies


Stylecast by started in 2019. A fun style podcast! Instagram-focused and co-hosted by hair artist extraordinaire Karl, aka Karol Jakubowski.


▪️ Created a digital audio content strategy

▪️ Researched and prepared content for recordings

▪️ Recorded, edited, hosted the recorded podcasts, and listed on the below directories

▪️ Marketed the recordings and organised a press launch to increase brand awareness


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